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Social Media Marketing

Paid Traffic Program

This is our flagship service. During the program, we come in & totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days, you’ll have your ads running. In 90% of all cases, all we need is photos or other creative from your end and our copywriting expert will start to construct the campaigns. Working in conjunction with our Facebook ad specialist, Austin works on the strategy to ensure that each campaign is successful and builds a strong foundation for future results.

We specialise in delivering results for businesses across an array of industries, using different techniques and strategies to suit. Our goal is to increase your sales, revenue and grow your business through social media marketing and advertising.

Social Media Management Program

For those that would rather have a strong brand than sales, we offer our social media management services. Transform your social media presence by allowing us to take full control of all the graphics and creation of high-quality content, ensuring daily activity and increasing followers.

A strong brand builds trust and will, in-turn, create interest in your goods or services. Building and maintaining a presence on social media will allow your business to grow, reaching new people and spreading your message faster than word-of-mouth.


Creative Content


The key to growing any personal brand is consistent content that is platform-specific and optimised. Every piece of content needs to better build your message, and tell your audience what your ‘why’ is. Social media has provided any professional with the means to turn their professional experience into a large and engaged audience online. But, many don’t make this jump because their content strategy is leading them in the other direction.

To build a strong digital presence and become an authority in your industry, you have to engage with your audience, attract your tribe and give them what they want to hear. Once you have built a strong personal brand, the possibilities are endless. Creation of digital information products, courses, webinars. Once you have established that solid foundation, and continue to over-deliver on value, you will have reached a place business owners dream of. We like to call it bliss.

Content for the Personal Brand Accelerator includes informational content, promotional videos, documentary/vlog style productions as well as photo content for additional use on social media.


Gone are the days of a single promotional video. To excel in the current digital landscape, businesses need to release consistent, meaningful content online. The Brand Booster program is a monthly program with a focus on delivering quality content for use on social media and other marketing efforts. Each month, we establish the goals and decide on the content required for the business. Then, we take it off your hands. We work behind-the-scenes to create all the required content, seek feedback on revisions and coordinate all the logistics of shoots with your team. Our streamlined production process delivers content on time that captures the story of your business.

Created content includes client testimonial videos, promotional content, offer ads for social media advertising use as well as photo content for other branding purposes. We work with small businesses and large corporate entities, and this program is flexible to your content needs.

+ Within both programs, we offer complementary services at additional prices


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